Sunday, September 17, 2017

August Yogi surprised box

So this is for anyone loving subscription boxes, I have one that is for people who love all natural products and that are into yoga lifestyle.

It's called Yogi surprise,what is so cool is it comes in a lifestyle box which is 44.95, and a jewelry box which goes for 24.99.
So the jewelry box comes with two yoga inspired jewelry pieces and a fair trade snack....
Then there's the lifestyle box which comes with 6-8 full size products.
This month..

So the first item is from  Trailer Boutique Peaceful Warrior Pouch it is a very nice Pouch and they help small and medium business build there company. It's nice that they help other business out..

The next item is Headband For Hope 
They have headbands of different colors and styles, so for every Headband sold one is donated to a child with cancer... Love that because a child should feel special no matter if there sick or not..

The next item is from Andalou Naturals a Path of Light
Hand Cream.
It is very moisturizing on the hands, and has a light Clementine scent.
My hands dries out alot so this helps my hands not to crack and cause me to get an infection...
Love that it is all natural and I'm not using harsh ingredients on my hands..
The scent is amazing it is not strong at all.

The next item is a bamboo tooth brush by the brand
Woo Bamboo it is made out of bamboo and has a wavy handle. I love that it is natural and it won't get germs on the handle easy because the handle has a light wax on it to help keep germs off of the handle.

The next item is called This Bar Saves Lives well one because it is non GMO and it's fair trade and kosher, so anyone can enjoy it.
The second thing is for every bar sold food gets donated to children in need... I love it because no one should go hungry.
So the bar is made from almonds and cherries and drizzled with chocolate.. yummy.

The next item is called Justea African chai 
It is just tea, it is really good there is 15 pyramid shaped tea bags.
So you can make the tea and then drink it. It is fair trade and non GMO and kosher also.
So I love the taste and when it is cold it is good to drink..
I love it.
You can sign up at Yogi Surprise
I recommend everyone to sign up it is a great deal..

I was sent a box for my honest opinion all is 
My own.. and may differ from anyone else..

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Readers Glasses Giveaway

So we all know as we get older our eyes tend to get worse as in you can't see the words in books or magazines,
So I know it is hard to relize you need glasses.
For me i have to wear glasses all the time.
I'm also nearsightedness. So i can see things really far.
Well then there are people who only need reading glasses because they cannot see the small print.
We denie we need glasses but when we get them we see why we need them.

So i have special oppurtunitie for all my readers, since i need glasses for everything, I'm letting you guys win a pair of reading glasses.

So go enter down below and goodluck.
You can find many styles from Readers website and look at all the glasses... And accessories and more.

These are some of there best sellers 

This giveaway is sponsored by readers and hosted by debrasworld.
All my opinions are my own..

Thursday, August 24, 2017

August chewy influencer 2017

I received these goodies free of charge from 
in an exchange for my honest review

This is for people looking for a product that helps keep the cats teeth in healthy condition and removes plaque.
Well this is the product for you, it's called
Iams ProActive Health Oral Care Salmon Flavor Daily Cat Treats, 
Just like us humans we go to the dentist to keep our teeth in good shape.
So since cats can't go to the dentist we bring the dental care to them.

I love that my cat can have good teeth and not have to have bad breathe and or plaque.
Pets are apart of the family so we have to take care of our cats needs. Noone wants to loose a tooth.

It comes a salmon flavor picture above and a chicken flavor so there is a choice.

So this is a 5.5oz bag costing 4.99 dollars.
And for a 2.47oz bag It's 1.84
Which is not a bad price for the bag.
You can find it and all your other cat needs on Chewy website.

I received these goodies free of charge from 
in an exchange for my honest review

August Chewy Influencer 2017

I received these goodies free of charge from 
in an exchange for my honest review
So we all want to make sure our pets are healthy, 
They are apart of the family.
So if we don't let your family get sick, so we also don't let our pet's get sick.
So i have a product that will make your cat stay healthy it's 
Called VetriScience Vetri-Lysine Plus Immune Health Bite-Sized Cat Chews.
It is soposed so if your cat needs respiratory support and immune support.
It also builds collagen to help keep the cat fur and coat looking healthy.
It is great to have a product that helps keep your cat healthy.
As you can see my cats coat/fur is looking nice and healthy and its not all knotted up.
So i do recommend this product for your cat, it doesn't hurt the cat's inside or the mess with the cat's fur.

The price of the bag is 12.26 dollars which is not bad because the count of the bag is 120
And there is also a 90 count.
You can find all your cat needs including the product mention above at Chewy website so go check it out.

I received these goodies free of charge from 
in an exchange for my honest review

Twistedwares towels review

So we all like our house to look good, like in the bathroom or the kitchen.
We Like to have nice home decore like  towels, pictures or nice looking plate sets.
Well i have a product from a company called Twistedwares that specializes in just that home decore.
The product i got to check out is a hanging towel so you put it where you need it to hang.
So i recently went on a staycation since my sister came to nyc since she lives in virginia.
So i put the towels in the bathroom, and wow i gotta say they look good.
The material is great qaulity they stand up to anything.
They come in many sayings and designs.
They also make great gifts, i gave these towels to my sister as a gift, she loves them. They come handy when you hsve company over and you want to use good towels and or decorate the bathroom.

There you can see she has it in her bathroom in her home.
They make a nice statement in her home. You can find the 
towels at the website and find many other designs and products at Twisted wares towels
They are teally nice pieces to have in your home and or make great gifts.
I was sent product for review all is my honest opinion all is my own.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Smart cart review

So we all go shopping or need to carry thing's to places or even to home.
Well i know how it can be to bring home groceries home since i don't drive, well i have a product that will change every thing.
It's called a smart cart, and what is a smart cart it's a cart that has two wheels and it folds up so it doesn't take up much space in the closet or where ever you store it.
What's neat it has a handle you can pull up and use it to pull the cart.
It has a cover that flaps over and or just covers to protect your items.

I recently went on a mini staycation to see my sister she came down to NYC.
She lives in Virginia with her family, so i packed up my suitcase and i packed this smart cart with me and i got to say the cart helped me alot with carrying my belongings to the hotel.
I love how the bottom of the cart is padded so you can put heaver items on the bottom and balance out the weight in the cart. When i wheeled the cart with my item's it was a smooth move it was not hard to pull or heavy even though i filled it up until i couldn't add anymore items in.
You can find the Smart cart on Amazon's website and you can find the Smart cart on dbest website.
And this product was also featured on the hit tv show shark tank.

I was sent product for my honest opinion
 which is all my own.

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Edushape toy review

So where all looking for toys for our kids especially the young one's.
Well i have a product that any child would love especially in the bathtub, or anywhere it's a water toy mainly but you can have it anywhere it's called sensory hoops.
It is a basketball hoop and it comes with three balls that are nice and soft and easy to hold even when the child has soap on his or her hands.
The balls are protected so it would not get mold or mildew on it.
It does have easy instruction to build the hoop up,
As you can see in the video i show it put together and i throw the balls in the hoop to show how easy it goes in.
My child Love's the hoop and he Can't get enough of it.
It's a great toy i love the fact it is made of soft foam so my child or any child won't get hurt.
You can find it on Edushape sensory hoops website.

I like the fact it is made of colorful colors from the hoop to the balls.
It floats in the water so you can tell it is made very well and nice and it is light weight also.

I was sent product for my honest opinion
All is my own opinions and 100% my own.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hasbro and My little pony Celebrate International Day of Friendship

So Hasbro and my little pony are celebrating International Day of Friendship day, June 30th 2017, what that means is no matter if your young or old or a child. We all have friendship, we all have friend's from different race religion and so forth.
Friendship is how we treat people, others around us.
We teach our kids how to respect others.
So Hasbro and my little pony partnered with digital media company called Soul Pancake to make a video on YouTube to show many kinds of friendship with different people. I love the idea because there is so much going on in this world to make people hate others.
So if we all got along we can have made some awesome friendship with other people.
We have to teach our kids to be kind to other's if they see the parent's being disrespectful to other's they do the same.

We have to remember kid's are our future so we need to make sure they understand.
So Hasbro and my little pony wants fans to come together and celebrate friendship day.

You can find more on the Hasbro website and also on 
My little pony Website.

This is partnered by Hasbro and my little pony all opinions are my own 100%.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Chewy Influencer july 2017

I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review.


So it's food time and you gotta decide what your cat is gonna eat it can be hard at time's well i have the perfect product,
It's from Blue Buffalo Wilderness Pate Variety Pack It's a 12 pack of 3oz cans of cat food comes in. Three flavors like Duck, Chicken, and Salmon Grain Free Cat food trays.
I like one because it's not harmful to my Cat and it's also portioned out so I can give my cat one tray of food there good.
There's no harmful Ingredients In the food.
And Blue Buffalo always stands by there products. Because pet's are apart of the family so we don't treat them any different.
Just like i make sure my Family is eating healthy, my cat should to.
As you can see that is what the case looks like I'm happy it comes in different flavors so my cat won't get bored eating one flavor all the time. Open the palate up a bit.

You can get It from Chewy website and have It delivered to your door.
My cat loves the food and i love I'm giving him a good food.
He Love's it and I'm glad he loves it and has 
A good diet.

I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review.
All is my own.

Chewy Influencer july 2017

I Received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.
#ChewyInfluencer #Sponsored

So we all have pets or some of us do i have an orange tabby cat.
His name is Teeco, he's very friendly and quiet at home.
He is an indoor cat.
So i like to find the best product's for him weather it's cat food or treats or anything that i think he will love.
Well i have a product that my cat Love's it's called Purina pro plan crunchy bites cat treats.

It is a cat treat that has natural ingredients in the treat like carrots and peas and tomatoes.
I know i don't like to give my cat treats that are loaded with harmful ingredients. And I'm happy that this product doesn't add harmful stuff in the treat. I love the cat treat because i can portion out a little to give to him. And not fill up his bowl with the treats. He's a very quiet cat he meows very quietly that you wonder what is the noise coming from.

As you can see that's what my cat looks like he's very friendly, Love's people.
He will play with the other cat's and have a good time.
You can find the product from chewy website 
They have couple different flavors the one i have is the tuna flavor.
Either flavors are good and i know all cat's will love the cat treats.

I Received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Lunch kit bundle review

So school is starting out for some kids and when you go into stores you can see the back to school supplies already on the shelves.
Well I have found perfect lunchtime products that will help kids that go to daycare or school have a healthier lunch and it looks cool too.
It's the stuck on you bento box and cooler bag. What makes these products so cool is you can personalize them with your child's name.  You pick the color that is the cooler bag and the bento box then you can add a design in the middle of it or choose a solid circle in a color of your choice.  
I picked out navy blue with a teal color circle and I added my child's name and I even got to choose the font.  .
It came out perfect.

As you can see it looks great. It's personalized and I don't have to use a black marker to put my son’s name on his lunch bag.
These products are extremely well made.  The cooler bag is   insulated and has a compartment for the ice brick to keep the lunch cold when needed.

The inside is easy to clean using a damp rag or sponge.

 I also love the divided sections in the Bento Box.  There are sectionsfor whole grains, protein and dairy, vegetables and fruit and even  a little section to hold dips or yogurt too. 
The divided sections in the Bento Box allow for portion control to help for a childto have a well balanced diet.

Each Bento Box  also comes with a sheet that gives parents  ideas on how to pack a good bento box lunch.

Another great feature is the  silicone seal inside the Bento Box lid to help prevent leaks.
Both my child and I love this Bento Box! 

You can find it on the stuckonyou web site.

If you are looking for durable, stylish and functional back to school lunch products for your child I’d highly recommend this Bento Box and Cooler Bag from Stuck on You!  

I was sent product for my honest review.
All opinions are mine 100%

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Pleased to meet products

So this is for all the people that love paper products or ceramics, or unique gifts.
Well there's a brand that is from Germany that has some unique gifts.
Like greeting cards and keepsake boxes.
To pencils and notebooks. I love to write and make up checklist to keep me organized. So i love the pencils and notebook.
Well i got to check out two of the products from the company one is a six count of pencils.
And the other is a small travel to-do notebook.
The quality is great, it is nice designed.
From the package of the pencil box.
To the cover of the book.
I like unique products because you can have something special.
The pencils are grey in color.
And they come sharpened so once you get to the product you can start using the product.
The pencil set makes a nice gift to anyone who Love's to write.
Even the to-do notebook makes a nice gift.

 I love the product's there great love the design and they also ship to the us since this company is from Germany.

So i recommend the product's to all the people that love to write and who are looking for unique products.
So you can find more product's from the website.
They have many other cool product's so i highly you go check out the site.
So go check it out here Pleased to meet
So go check it out.

This is my opinions all 100% 
I was sent products for my honest opinion.
All is my own.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Microsoft edu event

This was sponsored by Microsoft and windows insiders
All is my honest opinion i was sent product.

So i love technolgy and computers, and what they do for me in my everyday life.
Well i had an oppurtunity to attend an event hosted by Microsoft as you see i belong to the Windows insider program
It's and awesome platform where you can test out software for your windows phone and laptop or desktop computer.
So i have a windows phone and i was able to test out windows 10 before everyone. So to my surprise i got an email inviting me to an event hosted by Microsoft of course.
So i went to the event it was nice seeing other insiders and surface ambassadors and even students, since this was an education event.
I learned alot like how technolgy was being  incorparated in to the classroom from coding by using minecraft to code so you can build your world.
So it was so cool to be able to attend the event, the other thing they showcased was the new Microsoft surface laptop, which is a new product introduced to the surface line.

It comes in four colors like colbolt blue a maroon color and a graphite gold color and s platinum color its more like silver color. It comes in two processor type an i5 and i7 and diffrent space sizes.

The lowest one is 4gb ram and 128 ssd. And it only comes in the platinum color.
It's also touch screen since the surface line has touch screen.
The screen size is 13.5 which feels nice to look at while im working on it.
It's really light weight and easy to carry with you.
So to my surprise i was given one of the surface laptops.
I recived the platinum color one, which im so happy about because i really needed a computer.

The laptop comes pre installed with windows 10 s a version really made for the classroom where if students need to downloAd something for class they can only download it from the windows app store.
The reason behind it is because so kids won't download any viruses to the laptop.
But if your not a student and you purchase the laptop you can upgrade to windows 10 pro for free until the end of the year.
I upgraded to the pro version and it works like a charm.
I really love the laptop i have what i need on it and more space to since mines the middle version which is 8gb ram and 256 ssd so i have alot of room on my surface laptop.
The base model cost 999 us dollars and the one i have cost 1299 and the price goes up with what ever figuration in the laptop you purchase.
I also got to meet the person who brought the surface line out to us who love windows and the surface.

I owned the surface rt which wasnt a bad product. It just had some issues like freezing up on me and i couldn't use it anymore. I like the whole 2-1 product a tablet and removable keypad.
So i was happy to get a surface from the begining.
I love this new surface laptop.
You can purchase the surface laptop or any windows computer from the Microsoft store and it has up to a 14.5 hour battery life until it needs to be charged.
 This was sponsored by Microsoft and windows insiders
I was sent product and all is my honest opinion.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

hair pieces from Divatress

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine #ad #sponsored
#Divatress #beauty #ad
We as woman love to do our hair, and look good so there's a website called Divatress its for all kinds of hair pieces like lace front wigs for woman.
They have many styles and colors like the


It's a very nice color i love the red color look, it can make the eyes pop i did my hair similar color.
They have straight or wavy or curly pieces.
in many different kinds of colors.

Here's another piece they have its called  


It's a long piece straight and has some blue color in it but it comes in other colors its very pretty.

I love the look so you can a different look everytime you get your hair done.
 i know if i was looking for ideas for my hair I'd look at this website and get my idea from.
They have all the hair care products you  need from hair pieces to hair bonding products and more.
So for all the woman looking for hair products then Divatress is the site for you to get all you need for your hair.
there reasonable in price they have sales and more so its very affordable to purchase your hair care products.
They have free shipping on orders over 49.99 dollar order shipped in the us.
so that's not bad at all.
You can save some money and buy more products then.
You can find more from the website at lace front wigs  they have everything you need for your hair needs.
#Divatress #beauty #ad

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine #ad #sponsored

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Take your pet to work day event

This Event was sponsored by Fresh Pet and benefited  ASPCA  and Animal Haven.
All opinions are my own.
I was invited to attend the event.

I know I love pets and my friends also love pets so we try and feed them as best as we can.
But do we know whats really going into our pets food? No.
Remember: dogs can’t eat just anything -  they can’t eat chocolate and many other foods.
There's a brand that makes all natural real foods for dogs, and it’s called FreshPet. They use only the most all natural real foods in their dogs food.
Their ingredients are foods like all natural chicken or beef and there's  no hormones inside of the food. I was invited to attend an event that showcased the foods 
and also had some very lovely dogs up for adoption.

There were all kinds of dogs that was there like a pit mix and small dogs and more.
I love the fact that Animal Haven and ASPCA have teamed up with Fresh Pet to get pets adopted.
Any time you adopt a dog from the ASPCA NYC  or Animal Haven  from now through July 31 Freshpet will give all Adopters free dog food and coupons to help them out. The promotion offer runs from now until July 31st
All dogs should be in a good loving home and be taken care of,

There's a quote by Kathy Nelson, who is a veterinarian that was at the event and recommends Freshpet: “If you bring your pet to work day you will live a happy and healthy life.”
You can find more about Fresh Pet at there website Freshpet.
And you can find about pets being adopted by going to ASPCA and Animal Haven Shelter.

Every pet needs a forever home.

This dog right here is adoptable she's a pit mix 

so go out and adopt a pet it will make your day. if i could go and adopt a pug or mini dog, there so cute.
i loved this event our pets are our family.

This Event was sponsored by Fresh Pet and benefited  ASPCA  and Animal Haven.
All opinions are my own.
I was invited to attend the event

Monday, June 12, 2017

Attipas shoes review and giveaway

So we all as parents try and make sure we give our babys or toddlers the very best.
Like in clothes toys and skincare, well i recently attended the
Nybabyshow and i saw some great and awesome products.
One in particular was from a Company called Attipas Shoes.
They make baby and toddler shoes.
They are the most cute baby shoes i saw, one because we all put our babys in socks.
So now theres a shoe that has the sock like feel with a rubber sole. I thought this was neat because the shoe looks cool but also does the job by providing comfort to your baby and it also helps them walk better.
They provide much support to them walking and they run in sizes for babys all the way to preschool age children.
Its a light weight shoe and comes in many styles for boys and girls.

As you can see in the picture i got to check out the grey sneaker looking one.
The shoe is made very well and you can even wash the shoes so that will help alot.
The sole makes for toddlers to not slip and fall if they are running or walking on wooden floors.

They come packaged in a cute little box.
And they go by sizes s to xl babys to 4 years of age.
You can find them at there website Attipas shoes
And i have some good news Attipas shoes is sponsoring a giveaway for a free pair of shoes for either a girl or boy design is random.
All you have to do is follow the instructions in the giveaway and enter the giveaway.
It will run today till june 26th 2017 so if you wanna try a pair enter the giveaway. Good luck to all.

I was sent product for my honest opinion.
All is my own. And giveaway is sponsored by attipas shoes.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Microsoft store deals

So this is for anyone that loves technolgy, and for anyone looking to find the father in your life a great gift.
I have some deals for you that is coming from Microsoft,
So Microsoft store release some great deals.

Like here are a few

Save 50 dollars on Xbox one s 1tb consoles

Also you can save 100 dollars or more on select pc's

Savings on select pc's

So far these are great savings to go check out if your dad needs a new computer. So go check out the Microsoft Store for the savings.

Also there is savings on the htc vive

So you can save 200 dollars on Htc vive by purchasing a vr ready pc.

So you can find all the savings by visting your local
Microsoft store
And by going online at Microsoft

So if you need a gift Microsoft is the way to go.

All my opinions are my own.

Gourmet gift basket fathers day edition

So we all know fathers day is coming so we all know we have to get them something good.
Well i have the perfect thing, its from an awesome company called Gourmet Gift Basket.
They have lots of choices to choose from.
They have things from beer and snacks to cheesecakes to meats and cheeses.
So i got to try one of there many flavors cheesecakes.
It was the cookies and cream flavor. Oh my it was good i shared it with my friends and family.
They loved it, the cheesecake was delivered fresh and frozen so i could either freeze it for upto 6 months or put in the fridge and thaw it and serve it.
I decided to thaw it and serve it and oh my it was very tasty.
So i know any father would love a cheesecake for there special day.
They also have many other choices so why not go check it out and get your dad a special fathers day gift.

You can check the choices out at gourmet gift fathers day

I was sent product for my honest opinion
All is my own 100%

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Amope electric pedi file review

So we woman are always on our feet, walking all over the place and running errands.
Our feet tend to get rough and the dead skin builds up. Well i have a product that will remove the dead skin and make your feet nice and smooth.
Its called the amope electric pedi file which has diamond crystals on the roller that will file down thick skin and remove dead skin thats on the feet.
Its very easy to use it takes two AA batteries which we all have around the house. And the roller is replaceable so when it wears down you buy a new one.
Now im ticklish on my feet so i was surprise that i was able to use it without jumping.
And also im type 2 diabetic so i have to be very careful with my feet. Because if i get or have cracked skin on my feet i can get an infection.
I was surprised that it was nice and smooth.
It was easy to use it didnt rip my skin so thats a plus.
It comes in diffrent colors like pink or blue.

As you can see i have the pink one which i love because its pink,
But also because i can get rid of all the dead skin and make my feet nice and smooth.
And like i said its very easy to use you can find it in many stores, like Amazon
It's a very affordable product and its highly worth buying for yourself or your love ones.


All opinions are my own 100%
I was sent product for my honest opinion.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

2017 ny baby show

This event was sponsored by nybabyshow and momtrends
All opinions are my own.

So i had the chance to attend the ny baby show.
Where companys come together and show off products for parents.
I saw alot of cool things and amazing things.
I've come across three great products that i saw
Here are my top three items

1, the joovy boob-bottle-and-nipple-brush

Its a brush for any parent that has joovy boob bottles it makes cleaning the bottles very easy and less germs to since regular sponges carry and hoard lots of bacteria on them.
So this brush its made to reduce the bacteria while cleaning the bottle and it also comes with a smaller brush for cleaning the nipple for the bottle.
So its made to clean and not to wonder if the bottle is actually clean. I definally recommend this product, you can find this product anywhere even the brands website.
It cost 10.99 dollars which is so worth it.
Joovy boob bottle and nipple brush
My second favorite item is from

2, think baby thinkster of steel straw cup

Its a  cup made of polish steel its basically a better version of a Cup for toddlers.  its made of polish steel like what a mirror is made from it also has a straw so its easy for lids to drink from it.
It also has two handles on it so its easy to hold and so children doesnt get there hands cold from holding the steel part of the cup.
It's a cool concept because i know i dont lime giving my kids cups that leech chemicals inside my childs drinks.
So the polish steel protects the drink and doesnt leech any harmful chemicals.
Its a great cup. I recommend it also.
You can find it here Thinkster of steel
The price for the cup is 13.99

Also you can see me giving a description of the thinkster straw cup. 


My third favorite item is 

3. attipia baby and toddler shoes

So i came across these shoes from the show because one there so cute looking,
I didnt have these when i was a child.
But anyway how it came about is a mother from Australia saw these abroad and loved them and became a distributor and it became history from there.
There so cute the top part looks like a sock it comes in many styles for boys and girls.
They have a rubber sole so your child wont slip and slide while wearing them.
It's soposed to help them walk better, and the shoe wont slip off which is a good thing.
The price for a pair is 24.99 each

Well these are my top three that i liked from the show even though there was many awesome things to check out.
I wanna thank Momtrends for allowing me to attend the
Ny baby show

I had lots of fun in the blogger lounge.

This was sponsored by momtrends all opinions are my