Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hello kitty advent calendar

So the holidays are here and everyone is shopping or counting down till Christmas, one way people do that is with an advent calendar there's one with 24 or 25 doors with windows that are open each day that includes chocolate or little surprises.
Well I have a new one its a digital one where each day you can open the window in the calendar for fun digital surprises that you can customize to send to friends or your phone.
It comes out today November 30, 2016.
So you should download it and start count down to the holidays, its available on iOS devices and android devices to so all is welcome to download it. I love advent calendar its so much fun to open and get into the holiday spirit.

So you can start to open each window on December 1st - December 25th Christmas day.
It's on iOS devices for 99 cents and android for 79 cents.
You can also buy all 25 gifs all at once if you can't wait to the end of December 25th for the last gif.
So you can find more stuff from sanrio by clicking the link.  Sanrio
This is my own opinion 100% this is sponsored by sanrio 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Ninja coffee bar system review

So for all the coffee lovers like me who love Keurig coffee machine the coffee pods.
Well if you think the pods are expensive or you like ground coffee then there's a product for you it's called the ninja coffee bar system and wow it's my favorite new toy.
It it a machine that uses only ground coffee so now you can use your favorite coffee from many brands of coffee. The machine has a permanent filter so no needs to use filters, it has a reservoir for water just like the Keurig coffee maker has you fill it up and it dispense enough water you need for one cup of coffee or a half or full pot of coffee.
It comes with everything you need to make an awesome cup of coffee and it also has a milk frother for hot or cold milk to make a perfect cup a coffee.
It comes in a glass carafe or stainless steel one it depends on the person.
So now you can have a Keurig experience by using only ground coffee.
I love the machine it is awesome it has a time on it to tell time. It gives many options to make regular or specialty coffee.
I recommend this maker to anyone one who loves coffee and wants a Keurig experience.
You can find recipes for coffee drinks and more Coffee nog.
And you can find coffee maker here Ninja coffee bar system. I love the machine  as you can see in the picture how I set up my machine and I made a cup of coffee and it was very good and easy to use.
I was provided a product for my honest review all my opinion is my own.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Petmate cat toy review

So I attended an event for bloggers and other media covering pets, called Petrend Events.
They had many pet and pet-relaled brands; some new and other familiar brands that people come to love.

Well, this one company, Petmatehad an array of products for cats or dogs and from toys and beds to feeding products.
They make having a pet easier with their products.  One product that was there that caught my eye was the Jackson Galaxy Laser Air Prey Wand for cats.  It was a wand with a feather attachment as well as a laser light so that your cat can have the ultimate play session. It is also a good way for an indoor cat to get some exercise, while hanging out in the house.

It is awesome toy (not expensive at all).  Best part is that you can buy it directly from the brand’s website- Petmate or you can  
get it from Petsmart and any store that sells pet toys. 
As you can see in the video, my cat is playing with the toy and loves it.
I recommend this to all cat lovers out there looking for a holiday gift for their pet.
This review is my own opinion 
The item was sent to me for my honest review.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Sharon youngs a la carte

Well for every woman we all love clothes and shopping. So you can find the line in lots of retailers in the us.
They take pride in there clothes so no items are damaged or missing anything.
They also have a hard working customer service they always like to make the customers happy and feel good.
The customers are there number one priority.
If something is not right then they make sure they solve the problems the customers have. Here are two pictures from there new collection and as you can see you can wear each piece of clothing many ways.
This outfit is a nice piece to me I'd wear it one is I love the color and second it looks comfortable and that's what I'm looking for when buying new clothes.
Here's another picture of the same person using the sweater shawl in a different way.
I love the detail on the outfit it's very colorful and it looks comfortable and easy to pull off.
I'd buy these clothes if they have my size.
You can find the clothes here 
Sharon young
All my opinions are my own.