Sunday, March 26, 2017

911 help now

This is for anyone with a need to call 911 like you if you have a medical condition, or you dont feel safe going home alone at night.
Well theres a solution out there that will make you feel safe.
Its called 911 help now, what it is is white little box you can wear on your neck or clip it to your pocket or anywhere.
Whats cool about it is that you pay one price for the device and thats it.
No hidden fees no monthly feels like come on why do we need to pay to call 911 if your in an emergency.
Theres devices out there that will give you the device for free but make you pay a monthly fee.
Well this device you pay 149.99 and theres a code for 20% off using the code help20. So now is a good time to buy one  and theres no monthly fees.
How it connects is it picks up cellphone towers and dials 911 and theres a speaker that lets you talk to 911.
So its made for anyone.
For me im a type 2 diabetic so if im out and i dont have something to make my sugar level stable if its low then this device will be handy to have so i can contact 911 personnel.
So i recommend this device to everyone and anyone that wants the feeling of being able to contact 911 in a quick second.
It comes with everything you need and also it takes triple A batteries which is included in the box. 
Another back cover with a clip and string to wear on your neck.
Whats also good about the lanyard is its breakable so if someone graps the string on your neck the lanyard separate so you wont get hurt.
You can find more and to purchase it 911 help now

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sweet giftbox review

So your looking for a gift to give your friends and family well
I have the perfect gift for you.
So actor John Ratzenberger who played cliff on cheers and was the only actor to voice a character in a pixar films.
Has made its first subscription service company that has many
Diffrent subscription boxes for everyone like wine lovers golf players pet lovers and even for the sweet tooth

So the first box avalible is the sweets gift box it comes with
4-5 sweets ranging from chocolate, cookies and more.
I had some amazing chocolates there was chocolate pretzels
To caramel and more they where very good i shared some with friends and family and they also loved it.
Each box is packaged nicely and theres a card with all the
Information with all the products inside each box.

You can find more about the subscription boxes 
I was sent a box for my opinion
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Monday, March 13, 2017

Ny baby show 2017 ticket giveaway

Well for all new parents or soon to be parents we all wonder
Whats best for our babies.
Well theres an event for all baby related things.
Its called the Ny Baby Show.
I attended last year and had a blast i found some neat information and products for baby.
So theres two types of tickets to get a family ticket which admits two adults and up to four children.
And it cost 30 dollars.
And then theres a single ticket that just admits just yourself.
Which cost just 20 dollars.
But i have a code for 50% off each ticket.


So for people that want to attend then this is the perfect event to attend.
So go ahead and grab your self a ticket for half off.
Ny baby show ticket
So go ahead and click the link and purchase your tickets to attend.

Theres gonna be so many brands and company there so this is a great event for new and expectant parents to attend to.

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Pure growth organic snacks review

So this is for all the parents that are looking for a better option of snacks and breakfast foods to give your child then this is for you.
I found this company called pure growth organic, they make many things from breakfast items to snack items to on the go items.
Theres breakfast bars and biscuits and more to on the go bags of trail mix to popcorn and more.
I like that there is finally a healhier and organic choice for me to give my child.
I dont have to wonder whats inside the product im giving my child.
The company was started by sabrina peterson she was looking for something to give her children but all she saw was unhealthy choices and so she started pure growth organic a better choice for our children.
And heres some fun facts to know: organic foods make up 5% of us food. Snacks make up 4% of the 5%.
91% americans dont buy organic foods because they cant afford it.
And less then 10% buy organic foods.
So if all organic was made affordable then we all would buy it for our family.
I love the wide variety of snack comes from the company my child loves the chocolate banana breakfast bar since there was two i gave one to my child and i tried the other one and i got to say it was very good chocolate and bananas oh my i love it.
My child thinks he is getting a snack for breakfast but no he was getting something better for breakfast.
The picture above shows you what the bar looks like it was very 

Tasty. I gave my child a to to bag of popcorn with his lunch and he loved it and i know what im giving my child.
Theres many varietys of snack to choose from.
You can find them at Walmart and Amazon and they added disney characters to the packaging to mske kids want that instead of unhealthy options.
So if your ever stumped on finding out better snack options to give your kids consider giving them pure growth organic.
You can find more information on there website. Pure growth organic

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